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MiniMate ~ Free Maya Rig

This is the Minimate Model and Rig i made for a short film. The MiniMate rig is free to use Commercially, demo-reels or animation exercises.. its a great rig to animate with restraints and...

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Wirojo is a Concept sculpt for the “Courier” service characters in DOTA 2  

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Trifecta was made in 4 days, with a tribal theme requirement. Made in modo 701.        

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Deer Alien

Deer Alien was modelled using the versatile and powerful Sculpt mode inside of Modo 701, made in 2 days, this is an all Quad – Catmull Clark Subdivision Mesh. “Deer Alien” Character Concept by...

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G40 Bulldozer

  G40 Bulldozer Modelled in Modo 701 using Catmull-Clark Subdivion , an all Quad mesh.  

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Modo Model ~ 22WT

22WT was modelled in the fantastic Luxology Modo 701 . Modo has replaced my primary modelling tool from Cinema 4D, because of its sheer brilliance and outstanding workflow. I have finally found a modelling software...

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Happy Holidays! Happy New Year 2014!

Merry Christmas! and a Fantastic New Year! All projects made in 2013 are now available for free download, i hope they help you with your design workflows. These Projects have been made with a...

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Making Text in Zbrush

  Creating text in zbrush is a very simple 3 part process. From taking any shape from illustrator or photoshop and using it as a mask, to using the extract feature inside zbrush. Sculpting...

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Custom Zbrush UI Layout

Custom Zbrush UI Layout, for  faster, effective workflow. [button link=”http://www.rainasawrus.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Rainasawrus_Zbrush_UI.zip” color=”green”] Download Zbrush Layout[/button] ~ copy/paste the .cfg layout file in – Zbrush 4R6/ZStartup/UserInterfaceLayouts ; inside Zbrush load UI and save ~

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ChronoSculpt is a time-based cache sculpting solution for all 3d programmes! Making animating sculpts easier than shampooing hair! (personally speaking). Developed by Newtek, this is a mind-numbing update to the 3d workflow. Check more details...

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AniFont ~ TypO!

AniFont is a Cinema 4D animated “font”. All elements within the font are completely editable, every aspect can be modified and tweaked. Taking individual letters to make any word you like! TypO! was rendered with Octane...

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  Eziezal is a 30 minute speed sculpt in Zbrush, download Zbrush Project (.ZPR), to have a go at the eyes! Download  

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Zbrush ~ Panel Loops

  Zbrush Panel Loops are a fast and powerful way of making extremely detailed mechanical and organic models. Download Zbrush Panel Loops sample projects,  all these samples were made in under 5 minutes each!