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7 comments on “BVH + Cinema 4D

  1. Larry on said:

    oh man i wish i could do 1/10 of what you can!
    you are incredible!!
    thank you for the share :)

  2. piotr crass on said:

    Nice & Thanks

  3. piotr crass on said:

    Download not work :(

  4. chris on said:

    When I render my own file which is exactly the same. I think it always renders the first frame where the clones are and does not render the others. But I can see the spheres update in the viewer. My render settings are on current frame but still I just get the clones in the first frame state. Can you help?

    • salil raina on said:

      i am not quite sure what you mean? could you elaborate.. or give a link to your file and ill have a look at it

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