BVH + Cinema 4D

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  1. Darrell on said:

    I placed my cloner at the bottom which solved the situation for me.

  2. leon trimble on said:

    yeah i have that same problem. in your tutorial video you show at 1:52-4 the skeleton polygon dancing but the spheres not following then suddenly they are. in your project file also. not sure why in mine it isn’t.

  3. dhaymil on said:

    No – Instances disabled does not fix it. I still see the clones only in the very first frame. They do not follow the movement of the rig.

  4. Rusty on said:

    The issue i keep having is that the cloner works with the polygon object as a source, but the clones do not follow the motion of the polygonal object. The clones just sit still on the first frame.

    Here’s a link to my project file for reference:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU! (I’ve been looking for this for a while now.)

  5. chris on said:

    When I render my own file which is exactly the same. I think it always renders the first frame where the clones are and does not render the others. But I can see the spheres update in the viewer. My render settings are on current frame but still I just get the clones in the first frame state. Can you help?

    • salil raina on said:

      i am not quite sure what you mean? could you elaborate.. or give a link to your file and ill have a look at it

      • Circle on said:

        I have exactly the same problem as chris.T^T.
        I followed your tutorial, and when it comes to the cloner of the cube,I choose the object mode correctly, but the cubes just stay in the first frame of the polygon, and it will not follow the motion of the polygon.
        Please help.Thank you !

  6. piotr crass on said:

    Download not work :(

  7. piotr crass on said:

    Nice & Thanks

  8. Larry on said:

    oh man i wish i could do 1/10 of what you can!
    you are incredible!!
    thank you for the share :)

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