Octane Render Pack

Octane Render Pack


Octane Render Pack is a Cinema 4D .lib4d file with Materials and HDRI files . Every material has been designed for high quality photo realistic renders, that will make your motion design work and product pack shots look the best in the world. There are every possible material styles available for any look you would like to get in place.

You will need the octane render standalone and the octane render cinema 4d plugin , which can be purchased here –render.otoy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=29638

scene files used in the video are also included. Studio setups are included as well to quickly organize your scenes.

Most scene files were rendered between a time frame of 8 – 10 seconds per frame, on average. The maximum time taken per frame render was 4 minutes. The render times are directly dependent on materials used (glassy/reflective) and quality settings.

Compared to other render engines, octane render will make your renders look outstanding in a very short time, and allow post processing within Cinema 4D, reducing your work flow time, and increasing your productivity.

Octane Render Plugin for Cinema 4D is in beta, and is being developed by – aoktar 

Some stone shaders and glass materials within the Octane Render Pack were made by – immortal-arts 


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