Making PacManson

PacManson was made with the sculpt feature of Cinema 4D R14, it begins with sculpting, followed by bodypainting. Rendered in Vray, this took from start to finish almost 5 hours.. not including the vray render time. Average Vray render time was 2 hours for each render. The “fruit basket” with the pacmans took 7 hours to render.

I enjoyed making this, and i hope you enjoy watching it. Hopefully it clears out any bodypainting confusion you may have, and result in you using bodypaint more , which is a simple yet very powerful module, that can give your renders and models an exclusive custom look. Its basic setup is exactly like Adobe Photoshop layers, and the painting on the model itself, can be controlled easily with layer modes, and filters.







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  1. Christiaan Nel says:

    Any chance I can buy this model off you dude? 🙂

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