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AniFont ~ TypO!

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AniFont is a Cinema 4D animated “font”. All elements within the font are completely editable, every aspect can be modified and tweaked. Taking individual letters to make any word you like!

TypO! was rendered with Octane Render for Cinema 4D, and sculpted in Zbrush. TypoIMM Brush is included for quick access.


Download TypO! for ZBrush     Download TypO! for Cinema 4D


TypO_Z TypO_Y TypO_X TypO_W TypO_V TypO_U TypO_T TypO_S TypO_R TypO_Q TypO_P TypO_O TypO_N TypO_M TypO_L TypO_K TypO_J TypO_I TypO_H TypO_G TypO_F TypO_E TypO_D TypO_C TypO_B TypO_A

9 Flares Twitter 2 Facebook 7 9 Flares ×